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Nutritional Counseling

Get on Track to Make Better Nutritional Choices - Nutrition Services at Cadence Fitness & Health Center

Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without proper nutrition, an exercise program can fail to achieve the results that you want and deserve. Let Cadence Fitness & Health Center's registered dietitians' expertise and knowledge base guide you! Working together, you can achieve optimal results.

Registered and licensed dietitians offer counseling to help you reshape your lifestyle and increase your well-being. Together, you and your dietitian will examine your current eating habits and nutritional intake and discuss your health and wellness goals. Your dietitian will offer practical advice to help you identify your goals and help you to develop an individualized plan. Your session is personalized to meet your needs and can focus on:

  • Healthy meal
  • preparation/planning
  • Proper serving size
  • Food shopping tips
  • Pre/during/post exercise nutrition
  • Making healthier food choices away from home
  • Deciphering food labels
  • Boosting your performance with good nutrition
  • Heart health
  • Vegetarian meal planning
  • Child nutrition
  • Prenatal and postpartum nutrition
  • Food allergies
  • GI disorders
  • Any other nutritional concerns you may have

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